About Us

We are a group of individuals who once thought a Triathlon was something that happened to “other” people.  The word just never really seemed to be a part of a normal vocabulary.  Triathlons just have to be for “real athletes”.  Right?


Well, yes and no.  Certainly there are tremendous athletes in this sport like every other sport.  However, there are also millions of everyday people out there that have found out that Triathlons can be a life changing experience.  From the first step off the couch to the last step across the finish line in your first event – it is a journey that can completely change the way you live your life.


Our hope here is to share the knowledge we picked up on our journey as we continue our growth in endurance sports.  Because you see, once this is in you, once you have a taste of achieving that first goal, it never goes away.  It is an addiction, and we are here to share in our addiction with you.